Machine Vision

multiple-camera surfaces

PAVIS is also deeply involved in the application of computer vision and image analysis techniques to industrial automation, a field which is coarsely named as Machine Vision (MV). In the manufacturing sector, MV is deeply used to perform automatic visual inspection, quality control, part assembly control, product counting, and detection of defects. We have a broad experience in this area, and we have run several projects working together with both national an international companies. Specifically, PAVIS allowed to introduce in these projects cutting edge computer vision methodologies enforced by the current machine learning and, in particular, deep learning techniques. Furthermore, with the support of the VGM group, projects involving the use of 3D data are also developed, from the multi-sensor data acquisition to the 3D model reconstruction and analysis, passing through 3D registration and 3D reconstructed models to original CAD models comparison. The developed projects also included graphical user interface (GUI) development for an easy human-autonomous system interaction.