Industrial Projects - Current


In collaboration with IIT AIAL (, PAVIS is developing a solution for the automatic inspection of large industrial machines based on automatic AI algorithms. The solution aims at providing an automated inspection solution both in planned and unplanned maintenance procedures. Automation of the inspection processes would introduce multiple benefits, including the risk reduction of the human operators and the possibility to create digital twins for a deeper analysis and study of predictive maintenance approaches.




Automated Eyewear Quality Inspection

In collaboration with a World leading eyewear company, PAVIS studied and developed a highly automated quality control solution. Goal of the developed system is to support the employers' activities during eyewear inspection, in order to improve their comfort during the operations and optimize the production pipeline maintenance.

The developed solution consists in a robotic arm inspecting the finalized eyewear. The acquired images and laser scans are processed by AI algorithms to detect the presence of aesthetic or geometric defects.





IIT and Camozzi Group started a Joint Lab in 2017 for developing a scientific and technological roadmap on new materials and advanced AI. PAVIS is collaborating in the activities related to the 5-year project focused on the digitalization of  the production processes and quality control.