Pietro Morerio

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iit Publications

2017 A Compact Kernel Approximation for 3D Action Recognition
2017 Curriculum Dropout
2017 Left/right hand segmentation in egocentric videos
2017 When Kernel Methods meet Feature Learning: Log-Covariance Network for Action Recognition from Skeletal Data
2016 A Cognitive Control-Inspired Approach to Object Tracking
2015 A dynamic approach and a new dataset for hand-detection in first person vision
2015 Bio-inspired relevant interaction modelling in cognitive crowd management
2015 Filtering SVM frame-by-frame binary classification in a detection framework
2015 Optimizing superpixel clustering for real-time egocentric-vision applications
2015 The evolution of first person vision methods: A survey
2015 Towards a unified framework for hand-based methods in First Person Vision
2014 A generative superpixel method
2014 Exploiting an event based state estimator in presence of sparse measurements in video analytics
2013 A bio-inspired knowledge representation method for anomaly detection in cognitive Video Surveillance systems
2013 Event definition for stability preservation in bio-inspired cognitive crowd monitoring
2013 Hand detection in First Person Vision
2013 Run length encoded Dynamic Bayesian Networks for probabilistic interaction modeling
2012 A multi-sensor cognitive approach for active security monitoring of abnormal overcrowding situations
2012 Distributed cognitive radio architecture with automatic frequency switching
2012 Early fire and smoke detection based on colour features and motion analysis
2012 People count estimation in small crowds
2012 Performance evaluation of multi-camera visual tracking