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2017 Bilateral effects of unilateral cerebellar lesions as detected by voxel based morphometry and diffusion imaging
2017 Measurements and models of electric fields in the in vivo human brain during transcranial electric stimulation
2017 MRI analysis of white matter myelin water content in multiple sclerosis: A novel approach applied to finding correlates of cortical thinning
2017 Sparse representation of the connectome for group discrimination: application to multiple sclerosis
2016 Impact of cerebellar atrophy on cortical gray matter and cerebellar peduncles as assessed by voxel-based morphometry and high angular resolution diffusion imaging
2016 Profilometry: A new statistical framework for the characterization of white matter pathways, with application to multiple sclerosis
2015 Estimating brain's functional graph from the structural graph's Laplacian
2015 Estimating function from structure in epileptics using graph diffusion model
2015 Modeling the relationship among gray matter atrophy, abnormalities in connecting white matter, and cognitive performance in early multiple sclerosis
2015 The role of iron in gray matter degeneration in huntington's disease: A magnetic resonance imaging study
2015 Tractography of the optic radiation: A repeatability and reproducibility study
2014 Consensus between pipelines in structural brain networks
2013 Optic radiation structure and anatomy in the normally developing brain determined using diffusion MRI and tractography
2013 Principal Networks