Dual Cam

The DualCam technology is based on an innovative hybrid sensor which exploits two complementary imaging modalities which allow the system to be reliable also in adverse weather conditions and harsh environments.

In particular, the system is based on an acoustic imaging sensor developed in the PAVIS department of IIT capturing the sound landscape of a scene.

Optic-Acoustic image generated by the DualCam sensor in a scene where a flying drone is in the field-of-view

The acoustic imaging modality can be exploited to enhance the overall ability of a system to detect and interpret events, even when visual information is highly unreliable. For instance, unlike optical or thermal video, sound is not affected by occlusion issues and it is invariant to lighting and adverse weather conditions. For example, when integrated with an existing video-surveillance network, DualCam become an innovative and low-cost detection system capable to support investigation, monitoring, and early warning against threatening events such as a riots, gun shots or drone flights.

Concerning this last applicative scenario, DualCam is a scalable and modular solution that can be tailored to monitor a relatively small airspace (over a public square or around a specific, critical, building) or a wider airspace like that surrounding a stadium, a power plant or even an airport. DualCam is able to continuously monitor the airspace looking for small, incoming threats that are too small for conventional radar to be detected. The system is able to prevent an intrusion by continuously monitoring the surrounding areas of the protected infrastructure. For a better comprehension of the drone localization effectiveness of the audio-video sensor, see the video on the IIT YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lXsufflhkk) .






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