Structural-Functional Neuro Dataset

Structural-Functional Neuro Dataset
We present 6 different image datasets acquired by fluorescence microscopy and depicting hippocampal in-vitro neuronal networks. The datasets are used for the evaluation of our approach for the joint analysis of neuronal anatomy and functionality, involving the use of a high-resolution Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) technology for the acquisition of the functional signal. Results concerning both the neuronal nuclei detection and the structural/functional representation of the neuron/electrode mapping are provided.


Datasets and Results

Image datasets are acquired by fluorescence microscopy and depict neuronal networks of hippocampal in-vitro cultures.


Dataset # Original image size # Neurons Description Thumbnail Download
1 8770x8665 ˜1000

Blurred, some neuron-like artifacts



2 3005x3018 ˜100 Well-contrasted, a bit noisy, many neuron-like artifacts dataset2-thumb
3 2928x2946 ˜1000 Well-contrasted, noisy, high variability in neurons appearance dataset3-thumb
4 3026x3017 ˜1200 Noisy, cluttered background dataset4-thumb
5 2955x2984 ˜1000 Blurred, cluttered background dataset5-thumb
6 2931x2963 ˜1000 Blurred, cluttered background dataset6-thumb


NOTE: Due to the high image resolution, full size datasets are downloadable in .rar format. A low resolution preview is also available, when needed. For some datasets, due to publishing constraints, only small crops of the original image are available. Original datasets are in .tif format, but have been converted in compressed .jpeg format for an easier visualization.



  • S. Ullo, A. Del Bue, A. Maccione, L. Berdondini, and V. Murino
    "A Joint Structural and Functional Analysis of In-Vitro Neuronal Networks"
    International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2012